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Welcome To AISM

Family Owned Locally Owned and Operated

Alberta Industrial Sheet Metal | 203 – 400 MACKENZIE BLVD, Fort McMurray, Alberta | 780-743-2819


AISM has the ability to complete many different types of work. Our specialties include Heating, cooling, ventilation, custom fabrication and welding. AISM has a local workshop and can fabricate duct fittings required to complete our work very quickly. We use a plasma table that is capable of cutting up to 1 inch thick steel plate to cut our duct and fittings as well as the insulation liner for the duct. We have a CNC break and a shop full of roll forming and bending equipment.


We are an Amana dealer. Come and see us for some of the best heating cooling equipment on the market with an industry leading warranty.

History of the Owners and Staff
AISM is a locally owned and operated business located in Ft McMurray, AB. It is a family business owned by Dale and Barbara Connell. Their 2 sons David and Scott have been involved in the growth of the business since it opened in 2000. Dale managed the business for many years but is now semi-retired. Barbara is still running the office for now.

We used to be located on MacAlpine Cresent but chose to invest in some real estate of our own and moved to the new Kuusamo complex located on MacKenzie Blvd. David is now the operations manager and also fills the roll of estimator and runs the shop.

Scott has taken on a supervisory role of managing the jobs, making sure billing and paperwork is complete for each job and making sure the safety aspects of the job are being done and documented.

There are many projects we have done over the years. This is just some of the work we have done. Dale, David and Scott have won apprenticeship awards and passed their finals with top mark awards. Combined there is over 80 years of experience in the industry from fabrication, design and installation. We have competed an uncountable quantity of custom shop fabrication projects from ductwork, custom tools, SS hoods and counters to repairing of boats, engine blocks, transmission housing and much, much more.

  • AISM has completed HVAC work as well as cutting, flashing and patching wall penetrations on Suncor sites including jobs during Millenium, UTH, DTH projects and the HVAC on MNU project.
  • We worked on the Suncor plant 53 cokers during construction. Some of the projects included fabrication of the cable guards, design and fabrication of the K-Ray hoods, design and fabrication of the aluminum Coker drill protection covers. We re-installed the ceiling panels on the cutting deck after they were damaged and removed for safety.
  • AISM worked on the Suncor Plant 52 Delta Valve installation project building a temporary wall and disassembling and disposing of the existing ventilation system on the lower deck.
  • AISM has removed the roofs on the Suncor furnaces for the removal of the exchanger tubes and re-installed the panels once the work has been completed.
  • AISM worked in the ATCO powerhouse cutting and patching wall penetrations.
  • AISM completed HVAC work on Syncrude site during UE1 and UE2 projects in a couple of buildings.
  • AISM completed HVAC work for Guthrie Mechanical for many years on Syncrude site for many buildings.
  • AISM worked on Albian Sands doing HVAC work and spent a portion of a winter removing the large double walled spiral pipe that was a safety hazard from ice damage on building 300.
  • AISM assembled the laboratories for McMurray Resources which is now SGS. During the many years of working there AISM custom fabricated fume hood cabinets, ductwork, tools, equipment and almost anything that could be dreampt up from mostly stainless steel.
  • AISM assembled the HVAC and laboratory for Sethi Research.
  • AISM has completed many kitchen exhaust systems including Mary Brown’s in thickwood, Denny’s, repair work in the Ft McMurray Brewhouse.
  • AISM completed the HVAC for the Bobcat, Lynx and Wolverine camps for NorAlta.
  • AISM completed the HVAC for the Shell Carmen Creek Camp in Peace River for ATCO.
  • AISM completed the HVAC for Site C camp in Ft St John for ATCO.
  • AISM has recently completed the HVAC for the K’aitaile Market in Ft Chipewan.